“Best of the Best” Restaurant Review



August 07, 2008 - 9:28 a.m.

The Matagorda Advocate’s restaurant review is back, with a fresh new twist! This year, we will not only be looking for the “Best of the Best” overall, but we are also looking for the top restaurant in five different food categories: Chinese, Barbeque, Mexican, Seafood and hamburger. We will again, as we did last year, base our judging on the 4-forks rating system, which gives each establishment a fork, or partial fork, in each of four categories: service, taste, price, and restaurant atmosphere.

In 2007, Spoonbills Restaurant in Matagorda received a perfect 4-forks rating and was given the title, “Best Matagorda County Restaurant of 2007.” This year, we will give out not only the five awards for Best food type, but we will again be giving out a “Best of the Best” award and prize to the overall winner. We are looking forward to experiencing what all the different countywide restaurants have to offer. That being said, LET THE COOKING BEGIN!!

To start off the new season, we visited last year’s 4-Forks Award winning restaurant, Spoonbills. The restaurant is located at 773 Cypress St. in Matagorda and is owned by Executive Chef Edie Pruitt. Spoonbills prides itself on evoking the flavors of Texas’ coastal heritage and uses only the finest locally harvested seafood, fruits and vegetables.

We ordered the fried shrimp and hamburger and both were delicious. The shrimp were fresh and crisp and it was easy to tell that they were locally caught and not frozen. The batter was homemade and added a great personal touch. The burger was also really good and had a unique flavor to it. There was some kind of seasoning in the meat that made you want to keep coming back for the next bite and it was not dry at all. For taste, Spoonbills gets a full fork.

The service was also really good. There was a slightly long wait for the food, but when you get your plate, you realize why. The quality of the food more than makes up for the wait. The waitress was very polite and attentive and gave us great service. For this, Spoonbills gets a full fork for service also.

The prices for entrees range mostly from ten to twenty dollars, but when analyzing price versus quality, you realize that you are getting what you pay for. They offer gourmet-tasting steaks, stuffed crab, nut-crusted fish, chicken breast in mango salsa and many others. For lunches, they offer sandwiches and smaller meals that run less than ten dollars, a steal of a bargain for this great food. Spoonbills gets a full fork for price.

The atmosphere inside the restaurant is unbeatable. It’s a casual feel with fancy accents that leave you feeling comfortable and impressed at the same time. The original prints and beach sea life decorations make the restaurant very attractive to look at. There is also a new outside porch area for evening dining with porch tables. Future plans include bringing in outside entertainment to play for guests who choose to dine on the porch area.

You might even get the chance to be greeted by the chef herself, Edie Pruitt, as she enjoys walking around and personally ensuring the meal is satisfactory. Everything about the setup and decorations leaves you feeling like you are receiving special treatment, and therefore, they get a full fork for atmosphere.

Overall, Spoonbills gets another perfect FOUR FORKS!! Spoonbills is nominated for Best seafood, Best burger and Best of the Best, but the restaurant review has just begun.

If you know of a place you feel should be nominated in any of the 6 categories, please let us know via either e-mail address at the top of the story. We plan on reviewing at least one restaurant a week.


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